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Homepage of the original NETWORK-Lipolysis

This site is intended to provide information for all those who want to gain a first impression of this new form of aesthetic therapy, which was first introduced in 2003. If you should want to undergo therapy by means of “fat-dissolving injections”, please read all this information through carefully, and only then take your decision. Aesthetic treatment of this kind is not medically essential, and before deciding to undergo this treatment, you should always obtain advice on all the important aspects of it in a personal consultation with a doctor who is experienced in provision of it, and also establish whether this is the optimum form of treatment for your individual case. The doctor also has a duty to inform you of other possibilities and alternatives for dealing with your problem.






Since 10 years NETWORK members develop Lipolysis therapy to a successful treatment. World largest Lipolysis community with more than 3,000 certified physicians in over 64 countries.